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Exhibition from September 30 to October 23, 2016 — 30 rue Georges Le Bigot, Villejuif


The ART & MOTION Association has repeated and presented a new event in the heart of Villejuif called “AlimenTerre”.

Widely open to the public, this event, focusing on food, its fashions, its effects on the body as well as possible ecological alternatives, presented an exhibition of sculptures, engravings, and screens by the artists of the association as well as works by Thibault Gayet and Marcoville, two sculptors.

This event also included scientific conferences hosted by Jean Louis Fisher (CNRS), Anne Marie Courtot (Paris-Sud University) and Damien Schoevaert (Paris-Sud University).

Musicians and dancers, chefs including Olivier Chaput came during performances to address the theme in their own way. It was about food, the taste of things, culinary discovery, digestion and intestinal flora with his enteric brain, the art of eating well.

Filmmaker Amirul Arham gave us a preview of his upcoming film “The Last Peasant”.

Entertainment has been offered for children and adults; Guided tour of the exhibition, pop-up workshop, food engraving workshop, pop-up puppet show, tasting of edible insects …

Geneviève Bonieux

Natures Très Mortes, “Beautiful or organic? “

Here we find a land of contrasts, 17th century Flemish-style provisions (homage to Jan David de Heem) recomposed on the format of screens which are the artist’s favored medium, in a hyper-modern material: plexiglass and fiberglass. glass.

These screens are decorative and attractive, but in the 21st century behind each of these fruits of the earth are hiding poisons, responsible for many diseases; big industry forces us to feed ourselves while poisoning us. A key reading denounces them: pesticides, toxic chemicals.

It is a call for an end to these iniquitous and deleterious practices, for organic crops and the cleaning of groundwater.


Techniques used: Fiberglass panels, plexiglass, resin joined by brass hinges.

Diane Lombardo

Ecological Alternatives, “Come and sit at the table of the XXII century”

For this “AlimenTerre” exhibition Diane Lombardo invites you to take a seat, to be an integral part of her work, until you have your name engraved on it!

Its interactive installation presents visitors with ecological alternatives to our current eating habits.

From recycling to entomophagy, she invites you to think about these possibilities available to all and which can have a real impact on our world.

“The World will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who look at them without doing anything” – Albert Einstein

Damien Schoevaert-Brossault

The Digestive Tube, “Microscopic Tissues of the Food Tube”

For this exhibition AlimenTerre Damien Schoevaert-Brossault presents the structure of your digestive tract: a series of colored engravings, bound in accordions, represents the histological cross sections of a human digestive tract, observed by the artist under an objective microscope. x25.

Our body is organized around a digestive tract, the structure of which is the heritage of our distant ancestors: the ringed worms.

Also our tube is animated with a movement not unlike that of earthworms. A peristaltic movement, ripples and contractions, which allows the progression of food and whose coordination is ensured by the enteric brain (our first brain). During evolution, the digestive tract has developed sensory and motor devices that guide it to the food of its choice.

So that the limbs and the sense organs can be seen as appendages of the digestive tract. Our brain itself is just a second brain serving the enteric brain. Isn’t thought itself rumination, digestion, assimilation? Devouring is at the heart of the living.

The human comes from a restraint of a primary voracity, the appetite becoming curiosity of the other. So we like to let ourselves be surprised by the strangeness of things, to taste the best of the other.


Techniques used: Paper, engraving, traditional ecoline inks (like the images of Épinal) and pop-up.

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