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Diane Lombardo

Diane Lombardo’s devices are driven by the desire to speak up, whether gently, or with force when necessary. It is always a purpose that, tailor-made, finds its full expression in the material. The thought is there before the eyes by the magical coincidence of a meeting unlikely. Also in Diane Lombardo’s work there is the intense emotion of the thing that looks at us, the pleasure of the clarity of meaning that concerns us. Each installation is a benevolent question, the clarity of which invites us to do, to transform.

Geneviève Bonieux

Geneviève Bonieux’s universe unfolds in sumptuous screens, translucent resin screens where the multiplied effects of light are played out: diffusion, diffraction, iridescence. The resin incorporates into its mass the shimmering variety of materials, colored pigments, metallic powders, and sometimes small surprises typical of the artist.

Thus sweets rub shoulders with childish figurines taken like insects in glue. There is like a wind from elsewhere, soft and warm breath, like a tornado throwing in the foam
resinous thousand fragments with exotic scents. Everything is a pretext for unusual, sometimes strange assemblages which question a forgotten past or which call for a meaning to come. Geneviève Bonieux’s screen work, all sails out, invites you to the delight of a motionless journey.

Damien Schoevaert-Brossault

How many dimensions coexist in a Damien Schoevaert pop-up? First it is flat, then wings and nooks unfold, it evolves over the seconds, here is the 4th dimension, and it comes to life, and reaches the umpteenth dimension, that of infinite poetry and beauty.
Engraving, sculpture, comic strip, video, its pop-ups are all at the same time: origami, architecture, fold, fold and unfold, a game of the hidden aspect that is revealed … or not! We are surprised, blown away, we burst out laughing, we imagine the improbable result… Come and dream with wide eyes

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